Tomorrow will be the day that we at Triolith Entertainment will release our first Android™ game; Thunder BANG!

Thunder BANG – The Perfect Man

Ah, can you feel it? The brisk morning air, the smell of spring and sunshine! No?
Well, it’s 11:20PM at the time of writing, so fair enough.
I’m sitting in my apartment listening to my noisy neighbors laughing their asses off to God knows what. I’ve just finished setting up the music tracks and guitar tabs that will be included in the Thunder BANG OST, soon available for purchase at BandCamp! That’s right; YOU can learn to play the audible awesomesauce that is the Thunder Theme!

During these past months leading up to today, we’ve certainly had our work cut out for us, but that does not mean it ends with BANG’s release. Oh no, we have SO many games we want to do, and so much stuff planned for the future! While this may be the end of Thunder BANG’s development, it’s merely the beginning for us!

- Marcus