Thunder BANG is now relased on Google Play!

Today has been a day of great anticipation! For the last hour we’ve all been flying around the office like angry ferrets, not really sure what to make of ourselves as we awaited the final push to Google Play.

The game puts a heavy emphasis on action, reaction and speed. Main character and socially awkward super hero Thunder BANG has to defeat the hordes of incoming enemies using only his thunderous fists of justice! The player has to swipe the screen in four different directions to attack; one direction for each enemy.

Thunder BANG makes no effort to hide its silliness and simplicity; rather, the developers have embraced the over-the-top presentation reminiscent of 90’s show Power Rangers and similar shows. An embrace which is most prevalent in the game’s theme song: a catchy tune written and performed by one of the developers.

The Full version features:

  • Six levels in Story Mode
  • Boss fights
  • Comic-style storytelling between levels
  • Endless Mode, the ultimate test of a hero’s endurance

Along with the release of the game, we have also put the music up for download at BandCamp! All the music and sound effects are produced in-house, so there’s no outsourcing going on here! So for those who really like the music (especially Thunder Theme), we figured there should be an option we’re we all benefit!

SO! For the meager price of $0.99 (or more if you want) you get all tracks that are featured in the game + extra content:

  • Guitar Tabs for those who want to learn the songs!
  • Commentary about the making of the songs!
  • Large wallpapers of the art featured in the release!

You can of course also listen to the tracks at BandCamp before you buy them!
So what are you waiting for? Buy now my lord!

- Marcus