Iiit’s MONDAY! And what better way to start the week off than to deliver the news that our friend and hero Thunder BANG has gotten himself a Twitter account! We’re guessing he will just use it to brag about his currently favorite muscle-group and/or recommending some obscure workout-DVD. Then again, working out can never be bad, right? Especially if you’re working out, Hot Rockin’ Style!

So what are we doing at the office then? Wisp is being tested and verified so that it flows nicely. The best way to do this is to let our bug-oblivious CEO try it out. This way we can just yell out “FEATURE!” whenever something wrong happens.

Thunder BANG is doing OK on the Market, especially the Lite version, but we sure could use some more ratings/reviews! If you’ve tried the game, it would be very awesome if you could share your opinion, good or bad, for it will help us to know what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong!

Listened to the music yet? It’s available for listen at our BandCamp site! No better way to start the morning than Thunder Theme!

So what happens next? What’s comin’ around the corner? Well, we’re hoping to start releasing some material on Wisp. We will start working seriously with it this week and so a release of that material may come this week, or the next. We will probably shout and scream about it in this blog, so do come by often!

Over ‘n out!

- Marcus