Hello out there, friends and foes! Thunder BANG has received its first update!
Changelog for Thunder BANG:

  • Fixed a slight bug with comics not being displayed after retrying
  • Adjusted Endless mode with higher difficulty over time
  • Reduced file-size

Changelog for Thunder BANG Lite:

  • Added a trial version of Endless mode
  • Reduced file-size

In other news, SweDroid.se, a Swedish site about all things Android (duh) posted an article about Thunder BANG! I literally sat with an open mouth throughout the whole article, because I sure as heck didn’t expect such a quick exposure!

I was thrilled, happy and very anxious about what people might think about the game!
So I scrolled down to see the comments!
This is pretty much what stared back at me from the Internet:

SweDroid Reaction to Thunder BANG

SweDroid Reaction to Thunder BANG


‘Whoa’ I said. People really don’t like this!
But then I changed my mind. Maybe people were just having strong opinions because they cared? Why would the otherwise take their time to tell us their thoughts?
I shone up like a butterfly going into an electric fence! ‘I’m gonna answer everyone in the forum!’ I said.
So I went in and did!

Personally I feel that this was a very, very good experience! This will give us all the more reason to impress them with our next game!

That game, by the way, should show up in some sort of preview form here this week!

Triolith Entertainment <3 SweDroid.

- Marcus