Swedish app-site Mobilgruvan surprised us today with an article on Thunder BANG, encouraging people to support Swedish Android developers! We are more than happy for this article!

Over at the Swedroid¬†community forums we received a lot of comments about the game! Some of these comments very also some very neat suggestions! So neat, in fact, that we decided to implement them in today’s update of the game!

Changelog for Thunder BANG Lite & Full:

  • Added Sound Off-button
  • Added visual sound effects (BANG!)
  • Added “Perfect”-strike
  • “Perfect”-strike affects score in Endless Mode
Let it be known that Triolith Entertainment is not just a company; it’s a group of dudes and dudettes who live and work for the sake of delivering the best gaming experiences we can possibly conjure. Listening to the community, whether they hate us or love us, is a crucial part in achieving true greatness!

Thunder BANG is our first game, so of course we won’t get it absolutely right the first time. But this isn’t bad! Not at all, for if we continue to improve our games and ourselves, we’ll be sure to give You some of the best gaming hours you’ve ever had on the subway, toilet, lecture and/or post office waiting line!

To sum up our feelings in one Internet.

- Marcus