Good afternoon, Internet!

Today’s big news: Thunder BANG can now be played in your webbrowser! This is made possible because of the game development tool Unity 3D! It’s an excellent piece of software (that sometimes hangs on you and refuses to run its server client) that allows the implementation of 3D (and 2D, obviously) applications across iOS, Android, Web and Windows! This eventually means that Thunder BANG will be released for the iOS too!

But for now, anyone who doesn’t have an Android phone (or smartphone at all) can still know what it feels like to play Thunder BANG!

This of course means that we will also release the Lite-versions of all of our future games. The Lite-versions are free anyway, so hey, why not?

Also, the 1.3 update to Thunder BANG will include OpenFeint-integration! Competitive leaderboards, anyone? We said today that we may release it tomorrow, and that may hold true if everything runs smoothly. Which it never does.
Except Thunder BANG.
He’s smooth.

- Marcus