Another glorious Monday has come to an end; we’re still trying to shake off this mornings’ sleeping sand in our eyes and no one remembers what has been said on any meetings today.

The Thunder BANG 1.3-update is on its way, with just a pending approval from OpenFeint as a last hurdle to overcome. Or so we hope, anyway. As soon as they say ‘A-OK!’ and stick a sticky sticker of approval on our ‘hinds, we’ll upload the new version onto Android Market.
This means Achievements, folks! We also believe that we are pretty much officially done with Thunder BANG, as far as features go.

This is good too, because on Friday we will officially announce our next game that’s up for release! That’s right; we haven’t been slacking off at all at the office, so on Friday you can look forward to the following information:

  • Official name of next game
  • Conceptual art
  • Basic info about story/gameplay
  • Music preview
  • Release dates

So, until tomorrow (when I’ll update this blog again) have a nice remaining Monday!

- Marcus