There it is, folks! Thunder BANG 1.3 has been released! We’re very happy to say that we now have OpenFeint-integration! There are 11 achievements of varying degree and support to submit the highscore you get from Endless Mode.

Aside from potential bugfixes later on, I’d say we are done with Thunder BANG as far as features go. However, one should never say never, as great ideas can still emerge. It’s just that we are so darn busy with working on our next game!

If you haven’t played Thunder BANG yet, head on over to Google Play We are really satisfied with the game’s development since we launched it; it has just gotten better and better!

Also, what is the first thing you do when you go online? Facebook, right? I understand that this isn’t exactly the first place you go to, so why not like our facebook page? You’ll receive updates about us directly into your feed! It’s like pizza delivery, only it doesn’t make you fat!

Then again, I guess you can’t eat news..


- Marcus