We realize that some days we might not actually have any groundbreaking news that we can share about our business or our games. This is one of those days.

HOWEVER we still want to keep this blog updated at every weekday, so we came up with the idea to simply tell you about some other schmuck’s game instead! We feel that promoting our friends is a given, since we’re all pretty much in the same boat.

Today we are presenting Solve It by Marklund Games! It’s a puzzle game for Xbox Live, so if you own a 360 with an Internet connection; what are you waiting for?

So, Solve It:
“is a single player puzzle game where the player is to instruct Dennis how to move by arranging a list of commands in the right order. The game contains 30 levels with gooey (dangerous), rotating and rolling cubes. The game is a puzzle game that really challenges your spatial perception, with hours of mind boggling levels.

I’ve downloaded the game myself, as it is a meager 80 Microsoft Points, and I found it to be quite a challenging piece of software. If you are the type of gamer who really enjoy a game that makes you think ten times harder than in chess; give it a try!


In other news, our programmers wish to express their utmost satisfaction in buying muffins. Chocolate and cinnamon flavor, respectively.

- Marcus