So, I kinda missed out on the regular point in time where I usually make a post in this blog. I was busy working on another, more descriptive trailer for Thunder BANG, as requested by the Internet. Then I had to head out for band practice.

This is when I realized that probably more than one of us should write posts in this blog. After all, this isn’t a one-man-show and we all got different personalities and ideas about how we go about our business as game developers.

For now, though, you’re stuck with me.

I like to add pictures that further describe the things I write about, and of course a late night rummage in the thoughts of an overworking game designer should have a thinking man as today’s poster-boy.

I’m thinking a lot about the future these days. Especially the near-future. Triolith Entertainment is a company still in its infant years, but already we face some really hard challenges. We have to start selling games, and a lot of them, before summer. It’s either that or scoring some finances from external clients and/or investors.

We knew what risks we took when we started our company and we still do. Make no mistake, I’m not sitting here and whining. I’m just telling You what we have to deal with, what challenge we have to face. We see the edge of the cliff, but we’re not there yet, and there are plenty of places still where bridges might be.

We’re confident in the games we have lined up so far, and we’re also confident that whatever we may come up with will turn out better than the last. I mean, we got some killer games in the works and one if them is going to be revealed tomorrow. It’s a beautiful piece of work where all of our best efforts have combined into something we’re proud of.

On that note, Thunder BANG was never meant to be the greatest game in the world. It’s a silly game with a silly story and a ridiculously educational development cycle behind it. The amount of lessons we have learned from that project is invaluable and we are happy to even see it released at all, let alone if it brings in some cash to our business.

It’s almost 10:00PM right now, so I have to get ready for bed. Because tomorrow is not only Power Metal Friday. It’s also the day we share with you, Internet, the game we hope will win your hearts.

Piece of mind.

- Marcus