Happy Friday, Internet!
Dressed in our usual band t-shirts and with typically long game developer hair; we now arrive to yet another milestone in our company’s history, albeit a small one!

Fashionably late, we can now announce the title for our next game to hit the Android Market: Wisp.

For an in-depth teaser on the game, check out the Wisp page here on Triolith.com! There you’ll receive information about the game in general, the story, the character, the art, the music and the dates to add to your calendar!

As always, we would like to point out that everything in the game is produced in-house, by us. Design, code, art and music is all Triolith! We’ve come a long way since we started concepts on Wisp in late-December. What first looked like a space-gravity-ball-puzzle is now turning into something a game filled with Nordic influences and mythology; dim-ridden forests and beautiful folk-music!

Below are some photos from the awesome and glamorous recordings of the soundtrack! Yes, we sure had a great time in Vegas, what with all the booze and celebrities in-between studio sessions!

Doesn't get more indie than this


Low-whistle action

Mixing the tunes!


Next Friday is also Wisp-Friday, when we’ll release additional information, as well as an interactive treat! Have a nice weekend!


- Marcus & Malte