I’m gonna be honest with you, I really don’t have much in the form of actual news. However, the sun shines with great vengeance and furious anger and is a welcome treat to some really, really bleak developers. This is my excuse for putting a disturbing face with tentacles on top of today’s post.

Almost the whole office is occupied with finishing Wisp. The artists are working on their respective fields; backgrounds, user interfaces and story art. Designer Malte (the bald guy with a metal pipe in his mouth) is struggling with refining some of the levels that he deems are not up to snuff while I, myself, am composing some additional music tracks. I feel I might run out of ideas soon. I should probably go on a hike with a guitar and find inspiration with nature eye-to-eye. Then again, nature has a way of winning staring contests with humans.

We also have two guys working on… let’s see… the fourth game that we will release! That’s right, we’re skipping number three and are going straight to four!
(Seriosly though, we’re not skipping three).

We’re still waiting for Apple to give us our iOS Developer License. If we don’t have it, we can’t build our games for iPhone and that is bad. Roughly half our market is on the Apple side of things, so as soon as we get our license, expect our office to explode in a cloud of developer frenzy. We want to get Thunder BANG and Wisp our on the Appstore ASAP.

So. There. I don’t think I can stretch this post any longer. It’s nice of you to read it though!
That’s why I’m here, you know.

- Marcus