Hello again, welcome to yet another day’s end! How has work been?

Things are running fairly smoothly here at the office. Unity3D is overall a great program to work in, but sometimes it just flat out confuses us with its inconsistent flukes in what-have-you.
Wisp is coming along nicely. Right now we are concentrating on getting a lot more feeling and “mood” into the game. The ambiance is a key part in the game, so we really want it to be juuust right!

Also, we spent some time redesigning our homepage slightly yesterday. We now have a new page called “News” that only shows those blog posts that are categorized as news. We also added a News-feed in the sidebar. Why did we do this? Well, sometimes people might come here just to check on the essential stuff: what games are we making and what has been released?

Last but not least, we published a new Thunder BANG trailer last week. I have consistently forgotten to write about it in this blog.

Here you go.

- Marcus