Today is a big day indeed! Not only do we release a web browser demo of our upcoming title Wisp but this is the first blog post by another team member other than your daily poster Marcus.

As you might remember from last Friday we promised to deliver a web browser demo of our upcoming title Wisp. With a little bit of crunching and countless hours of nyan cat we managed to keep the deadline. You can find the demo here.

We’ve been working on Wisp for roughly three months full production and next Friday, the 29th, you’ll be able to enjoy the full Wisp experience on your Android device! On our Wisp page you can find information about the game but if you’re an avid reader of our blog then all that information is just old hat! That’s why I will talk about the development of Wisp in today’s blog post.

The oldest document I could find on our server that’s related to Wisp is a high concept of a game called Grav Ball, it’s dated 15th of November . Now you might think ‘Grav Ball? What’s that got to do with Wisp?’ The short answer is that Grav Ball was the first name for Wisp. Instead of mysterious forests, runes, elements and ambient music, Wisp was supposed to be filled with futuristic puzzles, laserz, space and teleportation.

However, our artists can be persistent, persuasive, obnoxious and brilliant at the same time. They changed my vision for the game and together we all embarked on a three month journey that will end next week.

This is where you take over and start a journey of your own, along with Eira!

The development of Wisp haven’t been as smooth as Thunder BANG’s biceps, I can tell you that. We always had to fight with the limitations of Android devices. At first we wanted to have gorgeous light effects and particle effects everywhere, so it’s too bad the phones weren’t in agreement with us. We had to cut a lot of eye candy along the way but also managed to sneak around problems with re-design and some rather ugly genius code.

I can just hope that you’ll have a great time playing Wisp, because we sure had a great time making it!

- Malte