To many, today might be a holiday, but to us at Triolith Entertainment, it’s Monday. So we work.
However, I guess I will wish you all a Happy Easter!

We’re all quite excited about the release of Wisp, so naturally we want to put in as many hours as we possibly can before we release it. I’m quite happy to say that the web demo has received some very positive comments! People sure seem to like the whole concept, and the music! This makes us even more determined to deliver a top-notch product that will satisfy beyond expectations!

Naturally we’re working on a trailer for Wisp and it should be coming up on the interwebs very soon. In the meantime, have some concept art:

Our schedule for the week is pretty much swamped with everything Wisp, but there’s some business-stuff awaiting too, such as a presentation of the company to potential investors and other very important people (CEO and me have been working on our salesman smiles all day).

- Marcus