Tuesday! Music time!

As you may or may not know, I’m the guy who makes the music for our games. Most of the time I have to fend for myself, but on occasion, Malte steps in an helps me out with his awesome skills in nitpicking (and playing the flute, I guess).

What you all may not know at all though, is what kind of program I create this audible chocolate in!
I use a program called FL Studio by Image Line. It’s a delightful piece of software with a berry for a logo. At least I think it’s a berry.

FL Studio is great for creating pretty much any music you want, especially if you want sequenced songs (Hip Hop, Electronica, Techno) but with a little bit of work you can also make some really nice acoustic tunes, as is evident in the soundtrack for Wisp! All the music for Thunder BANG is also made in FL Studio.

Speaking of acoustic stuff, today I was working on some extra music for Wisp. I unplugged my headphones, cranked up the speakers and screamed at Malte to listen to the goddamn song. He came over to my desk and listened. Then he leaned over, blinking at the screen and then at me; his breath of coffee and cheese still lingering at my desk even now.
‘Hurdy Gurdy’ he said.
I looked at him and was about to say ‘What?’ when he spoke anew:
‘Hurdy Gurdy’.
Then he lurched over to his desk again.
I googled the damn thing and found a plugin for an instrument called a Hurdy Gurdy, and wow! Such an old fashioned acoustic sound! It really gets you right into the forest!

Experimenting with music is a very fun activity and I hope I can use this peculiar instrument in the upcoming DLC for Wisp. Yeah, you heard me. DLC.

Here’s what a Hurdy Gurdy sounds like btw:

- Marcus

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