With just a few days left to the launch of Wisp, our office has regressed to something akin to a bachelor pad. So in that sense, we’re right at home. But the burn of the looming doom-date of April 29 is warming each of our behinds a little too much above our comfort zones, so in an effort to cool off and stay awake, half the office ventured out into the world and purchased coffee, tea and candy of varying qualities.

A big challenge in making games for mobile phones is to have them run the applications without hitches and/or breaks in smoothness. This is hard, but crucial. Without testing of applications on various devices, we will most likely run in to problems later down the road. Something we’d like to avoid.

Our testing phones! Wisp runs on all of 'em.

If you study the picture above for a bit, you’ll notice there are two phones there which are not running Android. That’s right, we’re also testing Wisp on iPhone, and we’re planning on releasing the game shortly after we’ve gotten it out on Android Market! Rejoice!

Because I worked so hard with the Hurdy Gurdy yesterday, I decided to take some in-office time off and capture some glimpses of our office in deep crisis crunch for the upcoming release!

First half of the office. Post-its are the way we communicate, aside from grunting.

Programmer corner. Our lead programmer, The Elf Prince, enjoys his China Poofs.

Peter, designer and notorious QA-manager who is never pleased. Also a fan of metal music, obviously.

Artist Kitsune with lead designer Malte. CEO Magnus in the back, trying to look busy.

Kitsune and Malte doing "research". Notice our ogre and artist Haij. When that guy sneezes, the roof tiles shake and dust usually trickles down on us.

That’s all I’ve got for today! Tomorrow I gather that Haij will have the trailer for Wisp ready. Unless something unfortunate will happen. Which it will. It always does.

- Marcus