It’s close now! Tomorrow is launch day for Wisp, but we can already give you some pre-launch treats!
Activity is high in the office and I think Haij might be bleeding from his eyes somewhat. But that’s normal.
We are polishing and tweaking and fixing and making sure that Wisp will be as prime and fresh as the first splash of sun in the morning! Endurance might be low at this point but spirits are still high. A funny thing to note is that we all feel like this launch is going a lot smoother than Thunder BANG, yet we’re working ten times as hard and ten times as much. I wonder why…

"...and we're gonna need a lot of it"

But anyway, this wasn’t what ya’ll came to see, right? You wanted to see what pre-launch treats we cooked up for you, ja? It just so happens that we have uploaded the Wisp trailer and official soundtrack!

- Marcus