There. There it is. Our best creation yet. Wisp. This Friday has been excruciatingly tiresome like a marathon across the alps. But the satisfaction of having yet another game, a great game, on the market, truly beats all the pain, blood, sweat and tears.

It’s been under a month since we released our first game, so we’re quite happy over the frequency of releases. Let’s hope we can keep this steam-roller going to next game!

I’m not going to get long-winded, so I’ll just leave room for everyone in our team to write a single line about how they feel today. Take it away, guys:

Three months of production, feels good to be done!
- Peter

I’m really tired but it was so worth it!
- Haij

Maybe now I won’t have to beg for food.

An afternoon to implement the game mechanics and 2 months for the visuals.
- Fredrik

My poor devs will probably need padded walls soon!
- Magnus

Can’t wait to get started with world 4!
- Malte

I think we all grew exponentially as game developers with this project, see you all in the next game!
- Marcus

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