Well well well, what a weekend we’ve had! Friday pretty much blew away thanks to working on the release of Wisp, and Saturday was interesting in combining Walpurgis Night-partying and bug-fixing. At least the weather was splendid.

During the course of the weekend, 598 people have downloaded Wisp Lite and 60 people have bought the game! The YouTube trailer has been viewed 3,155 times, which is damn impressive! Let’s hope this positive trend continues!

Here at the office we’re already planning for the improvements of Wisp. Over the weekend we’ve gotten a lot of comments and suggestions, especially from the Swedroid forums and we are eager to please!

The best thing, I think, is that we haven’t really had any bad comments about Wisp, everybody seems to like it a lot! This makes us very happy!

Here are some comments from Android Market:

“Love the game. Great art and gameplay! The soothing music always makes me feel better when I can’t finish a level. :)

“Extremely enjoyable & easy to play. The game sucks you in with beautiful artwork & soundtrack which puts you into a trance. Hope to see updates often.”

“Very nicely done, and the controls are simple and spot on!”

“Beautiful game. Controls perfect and great sound track. Simple but fun puts you in meditative trance. That being said you will want a lot of stages.”

– Marcus