Tuesday’s blog went to oblivion thanks to our database crashing or something.
But we’re back now.
Stay a while and listen.

I’d like to take this Wednesday afternoon to elaborate somewhat on our company and it’s philosophy.

Who are we?
We are a group of ex-students and students from Sweden who strive to deliver the best games that You want. During the course of our company’s history, from the working group with an intent, to the newborn Ivory Pillars of Shining Destiny (that’d be Triolith), we’ve learned so much in what it means to be a company that truly cares about its customers: the gamers.

I think it’s safe to say that we all here take much pride in the openness towards our players. We listen to every word, and we take to heart every suggestion we get. We received heavy critique on our first game Thunder BANG, but a lot of that critique helped form the game improve it.
Wisp, while being a huge success so far, still receives suggestions. We listen, we change. We love it all the way.

We plan on making this company even more open. For starters, we don’t want to hide behind our logo. This company should be about the people making the games as much as the games themselves. I think you’ll see our faces a lot more soon. Get to know us. Discover that we aren’t horrible, disfigured nerds in a basement. Run.

We want Triolith Entertainment to be Your company as much as it is ours. We’ve only just got started, but we’ve got one hell of an exciting journey ahead of us!

I’ll finish here for now, and instead give you another peek into our offices! Let’s a take stroll:

All artists assembled: Lead artist/Ogre Haij, Char. artist Kitsune and Env./Char. Ronya! Hard to believe she is only in 1st year of the graphics program, since she's the artist behind Eira!

Everybody working hard! The artists are all busy with concepting for our third game (gasp!) and Malte is struggling to get Wisp out on iOS!

Our artists; discussing and conceptualizing. This early in the project, anything goes, so a lot of ideas are discussed. Then, when they've decided on the 'awesomest' ideas, work continues to bring them to life! (Our neighbors CoilWorks can be seen here too!)

And here's Malte in his Apple corner! He's the (un)lucky guy who gets to sit on a Mac and get our games to work on iOS devices! And ladies, he's beardy!

We've had the great fortune to work with a lot of development devices (some are our personal ones). Aplpe's products smell so nice and tidy, don't they? Wisp, soon to an iOS-device near you!

- Marcus