Like a pudgy man in a cat costume soaring through the sky we continue our work on Wisp. Well, figuratively that is, we’re technically not pudgy men in cat costumes but you get the general idea.

I am Peter, by the way. I work as game designer on Wisp and did some work on Thunder BANG, currently doing core design on an upcoming project (which we will formally announce when we have something a tad more interesting to show than a bunch of numbers in a spread sheet). I specialize in balancing, number crunching and getting the “feel” right, for Wisp I did early prototyping, control design and overall game mechanics design together with the other designers.

The next milestone is the iOS release, for all current iOS devices. A bit of a challenge, making sure the graphics look good on both the small screens of the iPhone and iPod Touch as well as the comparatively huge screen of the iPad. However, seeing Wisp on the iPad is quite the experience for us, seeing the work we put in on a totally different level than the small phone screen. Another aspect of iOS development is that the good people at Apple are a lot more handy with specific information on all the elements that are required to release a product. This makes our job easier and makes sure that we can quite reliably know that the product we deliver will pass the quality control. The fact that there are comparatively few device types for iOS compared to Android makes testing much less time consuming.

On another note, lately several smartphone manufacturers have shown extremely high end devices, with specs comparative to low end laptop PCs. This is a very interesting development for us as the high specs will allow much more advanced games in terms of graphics, physics and such, something that very few phones are capable of today. As well as an opportunity this also presents a challenge, how can we really push this hardware to the limit and show the potential of the platform? These are boundaries we will need to explore but how much market penetration these new devices will get still remains to be seen.