Ahoy there!

Marcus here again! Having pushed away Peter to his cellar where he can brood over game systems, I’m here again to blabber about stuff regarding the company as a whole!

You do notice the Minecraft cube there, right? Good, since one of the things I will talk about today is the company Minecraft server, and what we have constructed so far! Oh yes, we are addicted too!

But before I take you on our company Minecraft tour, I would like share with you some other stuff we’ve been thinking about, and upcoming happenings.

Right now we are knee-deep in work of various kinds. First of all there’s the iOS release of Wisp. It’s coming along nicely, albeit a bit slow. Fredrik, our Elf Prince and programmer, is having some trouble with GUI elements not behaving the way we want them to, and they refuse to cooperate with us. However, we are confident that Fredrik will soon pull out his Staff of Blinding Fabulousness and strike the code with some serious elf magic. All we have to do then is dust off the sprinkles and sparkles and ship the game!

Me, I’m working on our company’s Business Plan. It’s a document that pretty much contains everything that we’re doing and will do and how we will do it. It’s tedious and hard work, but pays off tenfold when it’s finished. A good business plan will put you ahead the rest of the pack quickly and might even interest investors!

Our artists have been toiling away hard for a little over a week now, putting together a concept pitch over how our next game will look like. So far it looks very, very delicious. All I can reveal for now is that it will have a very futuristic look. As soon as everything is established, we will put together a juicy info page here on triolith.com!

Peter the Nitpick and Elias are down in their cellar and are working on some sort of defense system… I don’t really know much about that to be honest.

Lastly, our CEO Magnus is over at The Nordic Game Conference, having drinks and chatting it up with other dudes and dudettes in the industry.

Now, let me take you on a journey through the collective effort of our breaks!

Here we have the starting station of my railway system! It’s fast, it’s exclusive, it’s absolutely dangerous! This line connects our two main bases together, as they are quite far apart. Off to Castle Knispy Ponk!
Riding the line! Like I said, our bases are pretty far apart, so the tunnel is pretty long.
Upon reaching Castle Knispy Ponk I OF COURSE ran into a Creeper that somehow had gotten inside our castle.. my pants can’t take much more of this..
Outside the castle. Knispy Ponk is company Engrish for ‘Crispy Pork’.
Behold! Castle Knispy Ponk in all its… glory! Never question the artist!
Another view of the castle. This was our first main base, and I entered the server shortly after this place was finished. The other guys went on to build yet another, much bigger, castle and I decided to construct a long stairway deep underground, where I could mine some precious metals (and subsequently set up the beginnings of a railway system made of win)!
Running and screaming violently across the plains, flailing your arms and dodging Creepers, you finally reach Fort Schnuckaschnuur! The greatest endeavour yet for Triolith, and home to all the miners! The water flows, the lava flows, the pork flows! Everything is masterful here!
Fort Schnuckaschnuur was constructed all the while I was down underground and digging iron for the rails. I never favored building much, I like spelunking in caves! Malte, Peter and kitsune though, are persistent builders!
And last picture! Fort Schnuckaschnuur from atop one of the towers (imagine power metal soundtrack of your choice)!


That’s all for today! See you in Friday’s post!

- Marcus