Happy Power Metal Friday!

Let’s talk games, or more specifically, our new game!

If you’re a regular reader, you may recall that I mentioned our artists working on some concepts for the new game. Well, yesterday we all had a big meeting where we discussed said concepts, and after some dividing, arguing and arm wrestling we arrived at something we think will turn out to be a truly great gaming experience! It will look great, it will play great, it will feel great!

I can’t reveal much at this point (because frankly, I don’t have much to work with in terms of showcase) but what I can say is that the game will be a platformer.
It will focus around speed, agility and momentum. We want to keep it simple and fun, with very responsive and easy controls. Complexity is not option.
The most interesting aspect of this game, I think, will be its level. Dare I say it will almost be.. infinite?

This is a concept board of the new game, in which Haij sketched up different elements of the game, in order to find the perfect look for it. So, in short, the game will follow along these lines.


Of course, we will also have music in this game. We’ve been looking up some stuff, and the sound we may go for may be along these and these lines.

That would be all for this time, folks! Hope this little treat got you at least a little excited!

- Marcus