It’s Monday and we’re workin’ overtime, Wisp has gotten some nice reviews and we’re featured on!

First out is gaming site! We were a little surprised at first, until I did some research and found out that the reviewer had seen, and commented on, us at a forum. Fancy that!

“On first impressions tiny indie studio Triolith’s new release Wisp might seem like a chillout game of sorts but it’s got more in common with Osmos, say, than Endless Ocean. This is the kind of relaxing physics puzzler where the visuals and the audio conjure an atmosphere that lulls you into a happy stupor, and then wham – before you know it you’re turning the air a very interesting shade of blue, insisting this bit’s absolutely impossible, that there’s no way you’re playing this stupid game any more and oh, wait, that’s how you do it. Okay, maybe five more minutes.” –

Late Sunday evening we got another review from Swedish Android site!

“What you notice immediately is that the game is structured in a way you do not see too often – that it is time to relax. Music interacts with graphics and action, and you rarely feel stressed or tense.”
- (Translated from Swedish)

And lastly, today we got featured on! We’ll stay up there until the end of May, and we’re REALLY happy about this!

Also! During May 16-18 Wisp will sell for $0.99! So if you haven’t checked it out yet, now is the time!

On the TODO-list we have an update coming for Wisp on Android which will deal with enhancements and hopefully a bugfix for some mobiles who experience crashes. Oh, the woes of game developers never cease!

After that, we’re pushing full-steam-ahead with Wisp to iOS!

I’m sleepy.

- Marcus