Happy power metal friday! \m/
Wisp has been updated to 1.2! Notorious crash bug is FIXED! Or rather, HANDLED!

It plagued us for a long time, but we implemented a ‘safe mode’, since it turned out that some phones handled our graphic user interface (GUI) differently (i.e. they died). With this update, Wisp becomes available to a lot more people!

So what’s happening at Triolith headquarters then? Well, apart from tearing our hairs off fixing Wisp, we’re also hard at work with our third game! This is going to be an all 3D experience, folks! No 2D-art! This means a new experience for us, as it will be the first time we’re working with mobiles and 3D-models. Which can certainly have its up’s and down’s.

So Kitsune had a dust with Maya. For those of you who are in the 3D-modeling business, I'm sure you know how he feels.

Some whiteboard sketching of the third game! Exciting!


Enjoy the weekend! And enjoy the rest of your power metal friday!

Every morning we present the power metal gods with a rawberry offering to appease them. Peter and Malte conjure some twilightning with their Sign Of The Hammer. m/



- Marcus