M-m-m-monster Monday!
But let’s not talk about Mondays. Mondays aren’t as much fun as Fridays, and last Friday, a few of us at Triolith Entertainment went off to Malte to have a Company L.A. Noire Night! Drinks were drank and games were played! Shock and awe as we laid our eyes on the facial animations!

New things going on here at the Triolith HQ:
Wisp got updated to 1.2, solving a lot of issues, so now we can continue to work on getting Wisp out on iOS! Finally! Current status is (I’ll turn around and ask Malte): “Game Center successfully integrated!”
Ok! That’s great I guess!

While I’m on the business of shouting at people in the office, I’ll shout to Kitsune to and see what he’s up to. Hey! Kitsune! What are you up to?
“I’m animating.”
Cheerful as ever, that Kitsune. Lovely plumage. I should mention that he’s animating the main character in the 3rd game, and no, we haven’t decided on a name yet.

Elias, Peter’s personal codemonkey, reports that he will probably have a playable version of the 4th(!) game by the end of the week! Playtesting Power Metal Friday it is!

So! L.A. Noire Night! A few of us gathered at Maltes place (dressed for the occasion, of course) and soaked up the Noire atmosphere! The game really floors you the first time you see the facial animations and it isn’t long before you forget that you’re playing a game.

Until Malte starts pushing random people into cars, which apparently kills them instantly. Regardless if the vehicle is moving or not, earning him the nickname of that night.

The attendees of the Triolith Mob Family were as follows:

Haij 'The Don'. Notorious big guy with a knack for clobbering people with the handle of his Tommy Gun, rather than shooting them. 'They learn the lesson, an' I get 'nother worker. Ain't no use shootin' when you are scarin'.

Malte 'The Pusha'. The muscle of the family, carrying out most of the dirty deeds that need be done. His favorite pastime includes pushing people into cars. 'She haddah comin' boss! They all haddah comin'! If haddana pushed her, she wouldah talked, an' we can't have that, now can we boss? I'm just doin' what I'm doin', allright?'

Peter 'The Fixer'. This is the guy that slips away from anything, but causes the most ruckus. Expert in explosives, educated in assainations and certified toxicologist; there's nothing this man can't take care of. 'I'll have it done 'fore the fat Italian lady sings. Seriously, she bugs the hell outta me..'

Marcus 'Money Maker'. Evades taxes like water on a goose. Brings in any money that is owed to the family, often by way of utilizing Malte 'The Pusha'. Also the overseer for booze smuggling. 'We gotta get 'em bottles of Ouzo down to tha greekos, an' while we're at it, let's have ourselves some pasta. I know a guy who owes me dinna'.

- Marcus