First of all, I would like to say that I am fully aware that my previous blog post has completely disappeared. No one has any clue as to where it has gone, or who caused it to vanish from our server. I’m sure we’re all innocent, but I’m blaming Peter anyway. For future reference.


Anyway, see that picture at the top? Wisp has finally completed it’s review process on the Appstore!
The release date is set to Wednesday, June 15, 2011!

We’ve been toiling away hard with converting Wisp to iOS, a somewhat backwards deal since most companies go iOS -> Android rather than Android -> iOS. The two heroes who have battled the forces of C#-code and Unityscript are Fredrik and Malte. As such, I’m going to hand over the mic to Malte, so he can tell you, in a much more vivid fashion, what it’s like to work with Apple instead of Google. Take it away:

First and foremost the difference with iOS is that you’re actually working, not struggling. At Triolith we have access to four out of the total six iOS devices. This means that during development we can continuously test to see how the most recent changes affects the hardware. When I say ‘struggling with Android’ I mean we only have four out of the 216 Unity 3D compatible devices at our disposal. It’s due to this very reason we managed to release Wisp to Android with an unknown bug that made the game crash on certain Samsung devices. Since Wisp passed Apple’s approval process we know for a fact that the game will be able to run on all iOS devices (This is 99% true, based on science and facts that I just made up).

This alone makes the process of developing for iOS a much less painful experience. Second I’d like to stress how much more efficient Unity 3D runs with iOS. In the moment of writing we just tried the new water feature added in the 3.2 update for Unity. On the Desire HD it “worked” while on the iPhone 4 it worked. At the end of the day the biggest difference for me as developer is the fact that iOS user are much more keen to pay for their apps than Android users. Don’t take me wrong, Android is a nice platform with a lot of capabilities and freedom, but this freedom comes at the cost of device fragmentation. And a lot more piracy. As it stands today, the full version of Wisp has been pirated to a rate of about 2300%, and no, I’m not kidding. So, it is with great anticipation and somewhat relief I let the game run out into the world of Apples.

Thank you Malte, how very interesting! Well, as we said at the beginning the game will hit the Appstore on Wednesday, June 15, 2011! Hope to see all of you iPhone/iPad users there!

(I also need to get a good blogging schedule going, so we can get some regular posts here)

Love, peace and rock n’ roll!
- Marcus & Malte