On the 29th of April we released a game for the Android Market that received critical acclaim. People were surprised of Wisp’s soothing gameplay and music; every review mentioned how the game differed from other mobile games. Today we enter the Appstore and I am both proud and relieved to proclaim this day as the release day for Wisp on iOS.

The journey for Wisp to arrive on the Appstore has indeed been a special one. This is our first experience working with the iOS platform and it’s been filled with both pleasant and painful encounters. The main reason why it took so long for us to deliver the iOS version to you guys is due to how long we had to wait for Apple to approve our developer status.  We had to wait 5 or 6 weeks before we even could start testing on our in-house iOS-devices. Once we were approved by Apple development started right away.

Personally I was amazed how easy it was to take our Android project and porting it to iOS, one of the many wonders of using Unity 3D. It only took me one try to build it for my iPhone, it had its share of minor bugs and errors but at least it ran. The controls were inverted, the aspect ratio made a mess of our menus and some other minor issues that we quickly and easily solved. The only feature unique to iOS that took its sheer time to implement was Game Center. After days of hard work to get this feature into Wisp we tried it in the Sandbox mode only to find that one of the achievements didn’t work. We struggled with this one and final bug for quite some time only to find out that it was thanks to how Unity deals with code. All we had to do was to move the code in question up in the hierarchy and it worked flawlessly. Needless to say we were both happy and at the same time a bit sad once we realized how easy it was to fix.

The next step in development was the dreadful approval process. We had heard rumours of applications and games being delayed months thanks to Apple’s quality assurance and approval process. Once we had submitted Wisp for review all we could do was to continue the development of our next game with fingers crossed. One week later we received word from Apple that we had been declined due to Wisp crashing on their devices. First we were shocked considering the countless hours of testing we’d spent on our own devices. How could it be possible for Wisp to crash? The answer is fairly simple: Danish Code. The errors were not with us but with Unity 3D (which is written by Danish people). While spending about an hour at the Unity forums I found a thread gathering lots of annoyed developer’s complaints on how their games being declined by Apple. It turned out that the only thing we had to do was to add a single line of text in the submission editor. Nine letters later we submitted the new version of Wisp and after a week we were approved. Once again both happy and sad that it was so easy to solve.

To sum this up, I really enjoy working with the blokes here at Triolith and I can see myself working with this for the rest of my life. You can find Wisp: Eira’s Tale on the Appstore as of today. Download it and give us a good rating to help us keep this boat floating until we reach the shores of success!

- Malte