A week has gone by since the launch of Wisp: Eira’s Tale on iOS. Much has happened. So much, in fact, that I have completely forgotten to whip Malte and Peter into writing blog posts! Shame and failure!

Did we mention that Wisp is now free on Android Market?

Yes, you heard me. Wisp is now available on Android Market and you don’t even have to pay for it anymore! All you have to put up with are ads, but they aren’t even visible in-game, only when you pause it and in the menus. Fair deal, no?

You can still purchase the full version and get rid of the ads, and provide us with some much needed income. Just because we entered the Apple Appstore doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing for us, oh no, not by a long shot.

Incidentally, our first game Thunder BANG is also available for free on Android Market! Holy Hungarian hammers!

Wisp: Eira’s Tale has so far sold more than twice the number of its Android counterpart, in under a week! This is very impressive and we’re very happy about this! On that note, let’s sum up some reviews, shall we?

“Many modern games are characterized by frantic gameplay, bullets, killing, and explosions; but Wisp: Eira’s Tale is intentionally the opposite. At least initially, as it does ramp up in difficulty as you progress. At $2.99 for a universal app and with a brand new lite version to try, this game is suitable for those who enjoy chillaxing with a graphically-appealing game, with tilt controls and no emphasis on score or best times. If that sounds like you, then Wisp: Eira’s Tale is worth checking out.”



“I do not usually like tilt controls, but in this case, the controls were well calibrated and worked perfectly to control Eira.”


“Players will guide Eira through 30 levels as they earn achievements under the game’s dreamy original soundtrack. The artwork at first glance is quite impressive; although it is indeed unique, it also harkened me back to the feel of Spirits from Spaces of Play.”



We hope that Wisp: Eira’s Tale will continue to reach even more people on iOS! We are already planning the first update for the game, as well as being fully occupied with the third game!

Float casually out there!

- Marcus