It’s Wednesday once again and that means new blog post.
Today Malte is back to talk about the future of Wisp: Eira’s Tale.

Greetings avid blog readers! Since our last blog post we’ve made some major decisions concerning the future of Eira. Wisp: Eira’s Tale has been our on the Appstore for two weeks and already proven to be quite popular among our iPhone and iPod users, but the people who really appreciate Wisp the most are our iPad users! We’re really happy to see that people enjoy guiding Eira on her way home.

To reflect this we want our users to have an even better experience than before. That’s why I’m here today to announce the 1.3 update for Wisp: Eira’s Tale.

Currently we’re working on a patch that will include many different additions to the game. Here are some features to be included in the upcoming update:

  • Social: The major addition is Facebook and Twitter integration. After you’ve completed a level you’ll be able to share the results to your Twitter/Facebook feed, all by the click of a button.
  • OpenFeint: For those of you who enjoy using OpenFeint in addition to Game Center!
  • Optimizing: We’ve also been working on optimizing and managed to squeeze down the size of the game by approximately 5MB.
  • Redesign: Some levels have been redesigned to restrain certain frustration thanks to moments of recurring ice shatter deaths. Those of you who love a good challenge can still have your go at the more difficult parts of the levels; it’s just that they’re optional now.
  • Enhanced visuals: The HQ-setting now features more advanced lighting, which makes the game look all the prettier!

The date for this update has not been set yet, we’ve got some major planning to do before we take a short summer vacation. Which is going to be great.

It’s been quite a journey since the first release of Wisp on Android and 1.3 is only a milestone along the road to complete Eira’s tale. We at Triolith really want to finish the story surrounding Eira rather than leaving it hanging like it does as of today. Discussions about world four and five have begun here at the office and we have quite some new ideas and design concepts about what these two final worlds could include. Nothing is etched in stone as of this moment and the only thing that restrains us is the cruel mistress named Time. But hopefully she will be cooperative and we’ll be able to deliver these final pieces of Wisp within a near future.

To wrap this up I can say that we’re happy to deliver this update and hope that you’ll share your Wisp experience with the new social feature! Now I must go back to working on forthcoming products! Stay tuned for future updates on these projects!

- Malte