Happy Power Metal Friday!
You’ll notice it says ‘Downloads’ on that picture there. Those numbers are highly related to the download figures of Wisp: Eira’s Tale on iOS!

These numbers represent W:ET being out on the Appstore for two weeks.
Let’s see how the total downloads figures look for Wisp on Android, shall we?



To tell you the truth, we didn’t think it would be this much difference between the two markets either, but there you have it.

Yesterday we had a major meeting, discussing pretty much everything from company structure to product planning. It was a much needed meeting that made us all feel a lot more secure with how we are doing as an organization. Malte’s analogy of a WHAAAG-wagon still remains the best one yet though.

During the end of next week, on Thursday and Friday, we will be planning the production of Wisp 1.4 (level expansions!) and The Third Game. After that, we will take a short 2 weeks off to at least get a little tan before we get back to serious business.

- Marcus