Happy Power Metal Friday!
It’s me, Marcus, your ever-shining acorn on the giant oak in the developer blog-o-sphere!
Summer is reigning heat down on us and it is time for us to take a short 2-week vacation before getting back to grinding digital love once more! Let’s wrap things up, shall we?
(Also, a musical sneak-peek! *kermitflail*)

This company is pretty new. Our group came together almost a year ago, with intention starting a games company. Looking back, we really were oblivious to all the challenges and harsh multiple realities of company ownership, business development and game development. In one of our course books for writing business plans, there’s an excellent quote describing that situation: 

“Victory usually goes to those green enough to underestimate the monumental hurdles they are facing” – Richard Feynman, Physicist

Very true indeed.

As early as November 2010 we thought we would release our first game, Thunder BANG in a very near future, something like mid-December.

We ended up releasing it on April 1, 2011 and what a prophetic date that was! Numerous people from the Swedish Android community thought it actually was an April Fool’s joke! We weren’t really displeased though, because their strong reactions garnered us exposure which we later used to show off Wisp, which had a much more positive reception (thank Santa).

 Sales weren’t that good though. We made next to nothing on Android Market, which we were very sad to see, but we blamed it on lacking marketing funds and few reviews.

Then Wisp: Eira’s Tale hit iOS.

 BOOM! In a single day on the Appstore, Wisp: Eira’s Tale outsold Wisp on Android (which had been out for 48 days)! Both a tremendous joy and a grievous insight, we clenched our fists and waved them in the general direction of the Google Android headquarters. Why is Wisp: Eira’s Tale such a success on iOS and not on Android? Several reasons factors into this of course, so I won’t delve into that discussion.

Enough oldies but goldies, let’s talk future!

When we eventually make it back from our 2-week drunken bender vacation we are going to start to plan out the production of our third game, which has STILL yet to be named! Shame on us!

I have been experimenting around with the music for that game for a while now though, and I’m pleased to say it’s coming out rather nicely. We’ve decided to opt for a chiptune/8-bit sound but with emphasis once on dance beats. Why? Well, the game will focus around speed, momentum and a whole lot of running (though it isn’t an ‘endless runner’!) so the heavy emphasis on steady beats will make sure that those attributes will be emphasized in music as well as the graphics and gameplay!

I mentioned a sneak-peek up there, didn’t I? Well, I don’t want to keep you waiting, so here you go:

I hope you enjoy at least some of it, and I promise you, we have even better songs just waiting to be uploaded!

That would be all from me and from Triolith Entertainment as well, so see you in 2 weeks!

Enjoy the summer!

- Marcus, Malte, Peter, Haij, Kitsune, Fredrik, Elias, Magnus