Ah, hello there! Happy Power Metal Friday! I’m Marcus and I’m drunk working very hard!
Today I will talk about the state of our business and some tough choices.

On Monday we had a big, long meeting about what we should do next. We had two choices, basically: either we start working on the Wisp: Eira’s Tale 1.4 update, which is a major update with new levels and an ending of the game, or we start working on our third game full-time.

We want to do both, but we have to be realistic about what will make us the most money. This is probably the worst part about being a company; it’s always about the money. We HAVE to think about the money, or we won’t get any salaries anytime soon (yes, we are all currently working for free).

So, W: ET 1.4? Well, we all feel that the game is pure joy to work on since we are all very fond of the setting. Yet, will we make any money out of the update? Will it bring in further downloads, and will those downloads cover the development costs?

Sadly, after some extensive math-crafting, we reached the conclusion that Wisp 1.4 isn’t an economically viable project right now. We have to focus on our third game (which we STILL haven’t named yet, jeez) which does have chances to bring in some good money for us. So we can eat.

I mean, you just get to a point when it’s no longer rewarding to work for free, no matter how much of artistic freedom you have. Being a starving artist quite frankly sucks, so we have to swallow our pride and just admit that we have to be about the money. At least so long as we can pay our rents.

Oh, btw, it seems that we are raking in some sales on Android now! Who woulda guessed, eh? Maybe that place isn’t so bad after all..

- Marcus