Hi there folks! Happy Power Metal Friday!
Today has been a very, very tiresome day. Today we have used our muscles, today we have used our lungs, our hands and our to some extent, our minds.

Today we moved our offices. To your left you can see the old building we were in. Pretty fancy, isn’t it? Not too big, but not too small either.

Our office was at the second floor. Now it’s held by Stunlock Studios, who develop Bloodline Champions (and have computers from Alienware). They now sit in an office with proper AC and a large, open office area.

This is where our new shoebox offices are! We are now on the top floor, with no AC, three split rooms and two fans that cannot seem to blow hard enough! Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Here we have the catacombs office corridor! As long as we don’t have an earthquake, we’ll be fine! The corridor is shared between a couple of different companies, all of which look like they are solely populated by nerds, so we are right at home! (For serious!)

Our CEO Magnus has gotten his own office where he can play as much Gun Bros. as he wants without us noticing. Yay for Magnus!

This is the sauna/loonie bin where the artists + me have been seated. Look how happy Kitsune is! He is our cat and he likes tummy rubs! (Notice the fan. That one is not enough. By far.)

This is the room of Power Metal and apparent smell of feet! Designers and programmers working close together to create havoc and mayhem! Possibly some games too, if they ever get around to it..

This is the poster of the room of Power Metal. No further explanation needed.

Now we just have to invest in about 10 more fans and we’re in business.
Maybe then we can post some more material on our third game. It’s about time.

Until then, WHERE’S THE ICE??

- Marcus