Ah, hello there people! It's been many a-Power Metal Fridays since our last entry into this fine blog, but we've had good reasons!

We've been chipping away at our latest game ever since we moved into our new offices and our concentration has been pretty much unbroken. This is good, but it has also meant that we haven't been paying much attention to our blog, in part because we haven't really gotten anything newsworthy to speak of, nor discuss.

Wisp: Eira's Tale and Thunder BANG have both had their 15 minutes of fame, or so we feel, and our next project hasn't really been very presentable enough to put up on display.
Until now. Last Wednesday, on October 5th, our business incubator Gothia Science Park held it's second annual Swedish Game Conference (speakers included Nolan Bushnell of Atari and Daniel Kaplan of Mojang among others) and so we took the opportunity to showcase our latest endeavors at the expo (we would've done it last year too, but, you know, we didn't have any games back then).

At our table we showcased Wisp: Eira's Tale on a number of devices and had the trailer running on a screen, and we also had numerous playable versions of our third game. (more...)