A week has gone by since we launched the MEGATROID Open Web-based beta test, and we’ve been toiling away at the various tweaks and fixes based on the feedback we got and today I would simply like to conclude that test with our opinions about it.

First off, do we recommend this sort of test to other indie developers?

Yes, we do! A web-based beta test is a very convenient way to reach out to a lot of people. Plus, if we would’ve done the test in-office, we would have had to get people to come here which is always a deterrent. Choosing between playing a game in the comfort of their own home, or traveling to a set location, I find it hard to imagine practically anyone who would choose the latter, save for friends and family.

Attaching the survey right below the game window was also a good thing, as we do think that the fewer clicks, the better. Posting an event and inviting everyone we could find was also a good way to get a lot of people in on the test quickly.

Of course we didn’t do everything right though; we could have been a lot more prepared and thorough when it came to information about the game. Everything was set up literally minutes before the test went live, so a lot of things were forgotten or haphazardly done.

So what did people think about the game? Well, I can’t really post everything people wrote, but we did have some ratings-based questions, and here are those results:

MEGATROID Open web based beta test results

It looks like the game is pretty much rated as ‘Good’, so we need to step up our game and make it an ‘Excellent’ game!

Here are some of the things we’re changing thanks to the feedback:

  • The red lethal bits have been reshaped to have a lot more ‘spikier’ look in order to feel a lot more intimidating, as quite a few didn’t catch that they were to be regarded as dangerous
  • The character, Hali, has been given some additional effects, like dust scattering when she is landing, and a more clearer effect when she takes damage
  • Hali now slides down when wall-hanging
  • Hali can now shoot while wall-hanging
  • The enemies will undergo some re-texturing and/or remodeling to make them stand out a lot more
  • Hali’s weapon has been given a faster rate of fire

Visit the MEGATROID Official Game Page to learn more about the game!

We at Triolith Entertainment would like to thank everyone who participated in playing the game and answering the survey! It has been immensely valuable to us, and we look forward to do more of these tests in the future, so keep an eye out on our facebook page!

Thank you!

- Marcus