Hello there people!

First off, what did you think of last week’s game review of Run Roo Run by our game artist Kitsune? Would you like us to share more of our opinions of other games in future blog posts? We feel that speaking our minds on other games is a good way to communicate our own design philosophies without going on and on about our own products. Because really, it can get pretty repetitive to just refer to your own creations.

So do leave a comment below on whether you think we should continue to make mobile game reviews!

It has been pretty quiet since the MEGATROID Beta Test, though, hasn’t it? Well, that’s why I’m here, to fill you in on the development! Let’s get started!

The purpose of the Beta Test was to verify the core gameplay. We got some really useful feedback from people and shortly after the test was completed we had improved on a lot of the gameplay in order to bring out the most fun!

However our refinement of the game hasn’t stopped. We make changes to the game pretty much every day. One change that we think is important is the hardcore/casual split.

The hardcore/casual split

We’ve realized that not everyone is comfortable playing platformer games, especially people who see themselves as casual players. On the mobile market, this is typically someone who enjoys games with a slower tempo and one-touch control schemes. In MEGATROID, you have to use both hands to operate four buttons. That’s quite an increase in controller inputs. Added to this are precision jumps and enemies that shoot bullets at you.

We want as many as possible to enjoy the experience that we’re building in MEGATROID, but we also don’t want to make the game too simple for the people who grew up playing (and beating) Megaman and Mario games. It’s always disheartening for a gamer to feel that their game has been “dumbed down” in order to appeal to a wider audience and we really do want to avoid having this situation. So, we split the difficulty (and focus) into two categories: casual and hardcore.

MEGATROID Casual difficulty characteristics

If you play on Casual in MEGATROID, you can expect to be traversing a sci-fi landscape that changes every time you pick it up and play, thanks to the level generation system. Simply write a text (a word, a sentence, etc.) and the game will produce a new level for you. Inside, you will face two primary challenges: avoiding lethal obstacles and shooting enemies. The lethal obstacles do kill you instantly, but you have infinite lives and there are many checkpoints to keep you progressing. Enemies shoot at you, but they won’t be as violent as in the Hardcore setting, giving you ample opportunities to shoot them before they shoot you. We’ve also minimized the situations in which you’re expected to do multiple things at once, such as jumping over a lethal obstacle while dodging an incoming enemy bullet and shooting at the same enemy.

MEGATROID - Typical 'Casual' situation

MEGATROID - Typical 'Casual' situation

MEGATROID Hardcore difficulty characteristics

If you choose to play on Hardcore difficulty, you will face the same challenges as in the Casual difficulty, but you will also be expected to be able to navigate the environment a lot more precisely. We’re talking wall-hanging, wall-gliding, wall-shooting, double-jumping and timing. There will be a lot more moving lethal obstacles and the enemies you face will have deadlier weapons. All of this is in moderation, of course, since we’re creating an action-platformer and not a bullet-hell Shmup.

MEGATROID - Typical 'Hardcore' situation

MEGATROID - Typical 'Hardcore' situation

That’s one of the things we’ve learned along the way when making MEGATROID. We’re constantly improving the game and adding the things that are supposed to be there at launch, like the in-game store. That alone calls for its own blog post though.

I’m afraid that’s all I can share with you for the moment! Keep on the lookout for additional info, as we will finish MEGATROID pretty, pretty soon! A good way to keep yourself updated is to like our Facebook page!

I’ll see you around! Have fun out there!

- Marcus