Hello readers and visitors!

Last week Magnus and Malte were off to the Casual Connect conference in Hamburg! This week they would elaborate on their impressions of the conference, but they are both still working on their material (and their health, as both got sick!) so it is up to me to entertain you. Challenge accepted!

It just so happens that we have been working a whole lot! So much, in fact, that we are now ready to begin our second beta test of MEGATROID!

The Web-based Open Beta Test (Part Two) will take place in your browser, on this page, triolith.com! We’ll post the links and information here and on the public Facebook event on Thursday, February 23! That’s next week!

So here’s the deal:

The first beta test focused solely on the core gameplay of MEGATROID. Players got the chance to try out the controls, navigating the environment and shooting enemies.

It is now time to take the next step and add player progression! This means that you will now gain experience points every time you clear a level! You will also be able to buy new weapons and armor that will be available in the in-game store! You earn money by picking up Credits which lay scattered on the levels.

Best of all; the store is generating its content at a regular basis! This means that there’s almost always something new to buy! The idea is that this store will serve as an alternative to those who don’t want to use In App Purchases that a lot of mobile games feature. We don’t want to lock people out of the game by forcing them to “pay to win”.

So, what we want you to do is simply play the game over the weekend and answer the survey (which will be posted just below the game window).

Additional info about the game (like back story and concept) can be found on the MEGATROID Official Game Page.
If you have a Facebook account, why not attend the public Facebook event? That way you’ll keep yourself reminded of the beta and will know exactly when it goes live!

I’ll see you next week!

- Marcus