Hali Posing in Maqwuian Armor SmallHello everyone!

It has been a week since we held the second beta test of MEGATROID and let’s just say it’s been an overwhelming 7 days for us at Triolith Entertainment!

When we launched the beta, we thought we had the game pretty much in the bag already; it was just a matter of confirming our assumptions with another round of testing. What actually happened was the beta showed us that we are actually not finished. It’s getting there, but there are still things that have to be in the game in order to become a fulfilling gaming experience.

So here goes!

  • A new, much more developed Story Mode is being developed, with unique “handmade” stages that serve as places to tell the story! The story will be divided into chapters that span 10 character levels each. We’ve also set a level cap, so that the game will be updated in story chunks!

  • Bosses! And minibosses that have to be defeated in order to get to the main Chapter Bosses!

  • New enemies with different mechanics and behaviors!

  • The weapon/armor system is being overhauled to a much simpler and straightforward approach. The Armor Penetration (AP) has been scrapped.

  • Race Mode! Generates a pure stage without enemies or Credits and records your progress as a “ghost”. You can then send this ghost to challenge a friend and he/she will race against that ghost!

  • Challenge Mode! Works the same way as Race Mode, but generates a stage with enemies! In this mode your weapons and armor will matter, as well as your current character level.

That’s some of the things we are working on! There’s some stuff that we still are defining, but we’ll talk about them once they’ve find their place inside the game!

I would like to thank everyone who played the MEGATROID Beta and an especially BIG thank you to those of you who answered the survey and provided us with insights that has come to shape this game into something really epic!

Stay tuned!

- Marcus