Today’s blog post is about the story that we have developed for MEGATROID!

The overarching story of MEGATROID focuses on Hali’s struggle against the Imperium, an all-encompassing galactic federation with automated battle stations spread out across the galaxy. The leader of the Imperium is referred to only as ‘The Emperor’, though not much is known about him at all. The real, physical threats to anyone in the galaxy are the battle stations and the battle droids.

In order to gain more information about the Imperium’s vast network of battle stations, Hali has to gather data from the station cores, the Megatroids.

The story of MEGATROID is not a finished one and will be developed in tandem with the development of the game.

Therefore, MEGATROID employs an episodic structure (called Chapters) that spans 10 character levels.



Hali without her helmetHali is the protagonist and the one that the player controls. She is a red haired humanoid with green eyes and a lean figure.

Hali has taken it upon herself to uncover as much data and information as possible with the ultimate goal to rid the galaxy of the Imperium. She sees the Imperial battle stations and their battle droids as the biggest threats to the citizens of the galaxy.

Hali feels a deep concern for the safety of the citizens of the galaxy and gets angry when she hears about people being oppressed and assaulted by Imperial forces.


S.P.A.K.K. - Self Propelled Aerial Kinematic KittenS.P.A.K.K. is Hali’s cheerful pet droid. S.P.A.K.K. is an acronym for Self Propelled Aerial Kinematic Kitten, a name that was given to him by Hali, as she found that his behavior was similar to that of a cheeky cat.  S.P.A.K.K. usually takes a positive stance to situations but can be incredibly stubborn whenever he communicates with Hali.

The Face-frames

Face-frame, a boss character in MEGATROIDThe Face-frames are the governing AI’s of the Imperial battle stations. Each Face-frame controls a cluster of battle stations, usually around a planetary system and they are the main cause for oppression and terrorism against Imperial citizens. If a Face-frame is destroyed, attacks against the population in that sector are withdrawn and the battle droids enter a defense-only mode, meaning that they remain patrolling on their battle stations.


GRiN – Galactic Rebel Information Network

The only source of communication among rebel groups in the galaxy is relayed by GRiN, a highly fragmented and unstable network of rogue satellite moons and stations. Though highly muddled, GRiN is still better than nothing; being the only way for rebels to organize.

S.P.A.K.K. has a constant uplink to GRiN in order to alert Hali of any attacks or other news that the rebel force may dispatch through GRiN.


Right now we’re implementing the dialogue sequences and scripted events, as well as the epic boss fights! It’s a lot of work but it’s shaping up nicely! Have a great weekend!

- Marcus