Hello, readers and followers of Triolith Entertainment. Today’s blog post is going to be a short one. This is due to us having a poorly maintained (read: non-existent) schedule of blog topics and us working a hectic week filled with extra hours.


This is of course being done for a reason: we’re racing to finish a MEGATROID Release Candidate for the Android platform. This release will not contain everything we want to include in the game, but will be the next best thing, so to speak. The game will then be released in a limited number of countries and provide valuable real-world data for us, which we will use to improve and balance the game in time for the big release on iOS.

One of the biggest loads of work for us right now is updating the User Interface. The old one was functional, but cluttered. So, we simplified and simplified some more until we had a look that felt a lot more smoother and intuitive. We’re also patching the game up, in the sense that events have to be synced according to the happenings in the story. All of which are time consuming, hence: overtime.

We will elaborate more on the details regarding the releases and dates for MEGATROID at a later time. Anna has also got some plans for having some guest writers here on our blog, which will surely be interesting and exciting.

I’ll see you next week.

- Marcus