Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the creation of …nah. 

Hello everyone!

This is me, Anna. This is the face I do most of my day.

It is I, Anna! Your very own community person! As I sit here with my Yoda socks while sipping a large cold glas of water, I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. I’ve been working on a Triolith Comic strip lately. It’s been quite a challenge since I do not know everyone very well yet, but I like to think that through this comic, it will help me to get to know everyone a bit better. In a way it already has. Marcus supplied me with an awesome dossier of the various colorful personalities that work at Triolith. Without it, it wouldn’t have been much of a comic.

The challenge also lie with what entertainment the office environment can provide. By the time we finished developing the characters, the stories basically write themselves. Well, not all, Marcus will be writing most of them. I am open to suggestions guys!

Peter. People don't get any more metal then this.

The design is always the hardest part. I think I found a good mixture of cute and crude. Basically, I made the characters so adorable that they can do pretty nasty things and get away with it. The initial comic strips will not be to crude or nasty. I wish to establish the characters first before going all out. Also Marcus did tell me to lay low on the penis jokes.

With that in mind, making a comic is a great way to learn your co-workers names. I could totally identify everyone now, except for Elias, his name keeps escaping my mind. I just think that he is trying to mentally lock himself out of my head.

Moving on!

Marcus, pointing fingers and yelling.

Recently we’ve gotten another intern. Now here came the second dilemma, we now have two Peters! So how will I distinguish the Intern Peter from the metal Peter? Well, that is just that. In lack of better alternatives, his name will be Peter the intern (or just intern), while metal Peter will be, well , Peter.

You’ll be able to tell the difference though. One has a horn on his forehead and the other one occasionally pisses himself. Btw, note that I will take creative freedoms in this Comic. I’ve never partied with Peter, so I do not know if he pisses himself when to drunk. But I do know that if he did, he’d be to metal to care.

Peter, the Dark Unicorn intern, nuff said.


We then have the artist Kitsune, who is mainly more the office cat as I’ve understood. So the best way to depict him is with cat ears and whiskers. Simple enough right? Like a cat, he gets into trouble, however, his cuteness does not save him from the severe punishments he will endure.

Let’s see, who more do we have? Malte! Actually, Malte turned out to be my favorite character to draw. Marcus has described him as Orcish in manner and temper. So that is what I did. I created a little cute character with Orc like features. This gives more liberty towards mayhem, violence and pointless destruction. 

Malte, there has been none the more violent.

I like the relationship he has with Elias, whom has been said to be the office “out of the box” thinker. Which I in turn translated to “oddball”. I kinda see a character that has the mannerism of a brain dead Harpo Marx. Not that he is an idiot or anything, but mainly exists in an alternative universe and strikes when the time is right. No one really knows what kind of universe he lives in or if he even goes home at night.

Has anyone seen that Southpark episode where Kyle questions if he is real, or if he even exists? The way I see it, Elias lives in a universe where there is such a thing as a half squirrel and half chicken. Visit here for reference.

Now, the more this goes on the more you realize that there are a lot of guys in this comic. To break the sausage fest pattern we have Fredrik, also known as “the Elf Prince”. I kind of felt like a dick there. Because I had to make someone a bit more feminine to break the violent man mold. Fredrik is NOT a girl, I’d like to make that clear. He will on occasion/pretty often, act like it, but I can guarantee that to my knowledge, he’s all man! I am ready to go to hell for what I will be putting these guys through.

Elias, living in an alternative universe

The best part with my co-workers that I’ve noticed, is that they seem to have a good sense of humor.

No one is safe from this project. Not even Magnus, the CEO of Triolith entertainment. 

I think that Magnus and Marcus relationship is very interesting. Because Marcus run things in production and Magnus is not allowed to get involved. Which often leaves Magnus a bit lonely in the office and at times craving for human interaction. 

That is how I depicted his character anyway. That explains that blank stare of ignorance in his eyes. I’ve made him very loving and very caring about the atmosphere in the office. Let’s face it, he’s my boss so he gets off easy.

Fredrik, the Elven Prince

That was meant in a non sexual way.

The best part of these stories, is that they will be based on actual situations. These discussions and experiences are real. Maybe embellished a bit to make it more comical, but the story in itself is based on truth.

I think that reality makes the best comedy. Experiences that we have as people are more fun then any made up joke. It will also invite you to experience the joy of working with a great bunch of people, doing what they love best. Developing games.

I think there is to little spotlight on those who actually do all the hard work. There is more to them then just crunching code, drawing graphics and marketing. It’s about the interesting ideas and relationships that develop as a project progresses. I’ve been lucky to experience that process a few times myself. It has always brought me and the other developers closer together. We later reminisce about those crazy hours, lack of food, sleep and baths.

That is not an urban legend by the way. Smell a developer, you’ll see that I speak the truth.

Be sure to bring something to wash those eyes with, because it is going to sting.

Expect the first strip shortly, it will be posted here on this, the Triolith Entertainment blog! ‘Till then, have an awesome Valborg!

Magnus, mr CEO with the blank stare


Kitsune, the fancy whisker artist.