Hello, friends!

Today we are throwing up the first comic page depicting the lives of us here at Triolith Entertainment, drawn by our Community Manager Anna!We’ve also added a new button on the menu where we will gather all the comic pages. Pages will be submitted bi-weekly.

So how are we doing over at the office? How’s development on MEGATROID? Well, let me tell you, it’s hectic. We are putting together all the loose ends, touching up the flaws and getting this behemoth of a project ready to be played by… well, You.

We cannot with certainty reveal any release dates as of yet, but rest assured that the game is under way and close to the finish line.

What I can say is that we’ve made the decision to release the game with only Chapter 1 (we earlier wanted to include Chapter 2). The decision was made based on the fact that we have time to spare after having Chapter 1 done, but not enough time to finish Chapter 2 in time for the big release. Hence; we chose to focus on getting Chapter 1 not only done, but also a lot more polished than previously planned, rather than including a rushed Chapter 2. Chapter 1 will contain Character Levels 1-10 (estimated roughly 3-4 hours of gameplay).

Bonus! We just got an XPERIA Play in the office, and we’ve gotten the basic buttons to work! It’s amazing!

Back to work! Don’t forget to check out the comic!

- Marcus