Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with whatever awesomeness you guys do. I’ve spent most of my weekend writing and putting together material from Nordic Game Conference. I’ve got so much material to go through to the point where I’ve decided that I need to make an extra blog post this week to cover everything.

That’s why there is a Deux in the title!

Let’s continue!

In between lectures I try to talk to as many people as humanely possible. I’ve attended the event as media and I always take my job seriously. That is till I got a stressball from the Nith booth. Nith is a private school in Norway that focuses on technology. They educate 3D artists, game designers and game programmers so it’s always fun to hear that Norway has decided to join the gamingfun! This is where I got a pink stress ball by the way. Throughout the rest of the day I was asking people to squeeze my ball. That is, my friends, the peak of journalistic professionalism that I’ve mentioned earlier.

I was talking to a young lady handling the booth, we chitchatted for a while and then I had to run to the next lecture.

This next one I had mixed feelings about and once the lecture was done, I felt left with more contradictions then before. The topic in question was called “Revealing myths about gender equality and gaming” lead by Pernilla Axelandersson. I was actually hoping to hear about the myth that woman are being gender discriminated, but that was not at all what I’ve heard. It seemed that for an hour all I got to hear was issues about my gender in particular being discriminated in a negative and positive way. Which I can assure you, that I don’t feel that is the case. I haven’t gotten to where I am because I have a vagina. I had to work hard and like everyone else, prove myself. Is the industry a sausage fest? Yes, at times it is, but discrimination works both ways, in all fields. I was a bit shattered after the lecture because all I was offered were problems, but no actual solutions or ideas to solve them. It seemed like a catch 22. 

-Well, more  woman are coming to the industry, it will even itself out soon enough.  This was not an acceptable debate according to Pernilla. Nor was “We hire more woman to even the numbers”, to which she responded that that is in itself discrimination, and that she doesn’t like that numbers are used to make  a statement, yet she used plenty of them herself.

I did agree with her however that woman should not be treated any different, or be hired based on their gender. So goes it with every human being. We should be focused on what we are able to bring to the table, not anything else. It might seem that I didn’t understand the point she was trying to push during the lecture, but the lecture didn’t sit too well with me. Then again, I am also the type where I think that to deny ones gender is not a good thing either.

Now again, a break! God knows I could use one. It was really warm in there at times and mixed with a lot of people, water was a welcome source of ambrosia. Magnus was doing whatever he was doing, running around a lot and talking to people. Me, I continued my coverage. I was introduced to a woman called Charlotte Heyman that works with childrens games at Liminal Studio, which is actually up my alley!

Spending almost a decade developing and creating games for younger tweens, I felt I had a lot to contribute to the conversation, however, our little pow wow was cut short because there was, yet again, another lecture that I will write about in a few days!

Hey, I said I had a lot of material! ;)