Hello all!

Yesterday was Swedens national day, I don’t know about you guys, but I am sure that most of Sweden is pretty much hungover today. Except for yours truly. Let’s continue with today’s blog post shall we?

Isn’t it amazing? With all the hubub about E3 and here I am, still writing about Nordic Games Conference. Like I mentioned in earlier posts, there is so much material to go through that I simply had to divide everyhting up into at least 3 posts.

At this point I am very sore all over. My body is not used to moving around this much. It happens when you have such a docile lifestyle as I do.

While in between the two last lectures, I met the gentlemen from Boldai. You might also know them as the guys that won the live Pitch contest! Boldai has developed an iPad game maker. OR actually, more like a builder. Are you a fan of lego’s? Well imagine them coming to life. Their contribution to the gaming world is astounding. They call it Blockworld. The Blockworld app animates your creations and you’ve built with, yes you’ve guessed it, BLOCKS! Big congrats to you guys! :)

Next up we had a lecture about Social Media with Paul Flannigan from Tequila Planet who several times apologized about his mangled voice. Someone had a very busy night ;)

He talks about creating games based on a free business model and how Java still matters. He presents several pieces of evidence as to why it works better to offer a game for free, rather then charge for it. That one should look into adds and shared revenue. To work with people who have mobile traffic, like Ovi, Samsung, Motorola etc.

He continued with lecturing about how social features can be a source of real money, how to offer virtual currency that wont jeopardize actual gameplay. After his entertaining, yet interesting stories about his mangled voice, I carried on for a well earned bottle of water.

Behold, I discover a complimentary Develop Magazine. My friend Jonathan would’ve loved the front page I am sure, he says such lovely things about Zynga /Insert sarcastic face here. Around this hour, people are starting to pack up. It’s only an hour or two left before the entire event is done and over with. I look around and find myself staring into space. I snapped out of it before I was labeled a brain-dead Zombie and made my way to the last lecture. Sara was there as well. I cannot remember her last name, I know, it’s aweful of me, but I am one of those people who remember faces, not names. It’s a curse really.

She was there taking notes for her boss as I was doing for mine. 

I loved the last lecture of the day, it was without a doubt, the best one. Why? Because of the energy of the woman giving it. Not only did she have a beer with her, but she was using such colorful language that it had me entirely memorized. Her lecture was about how to make a fantastic marketing campaign with nothing. No budget, to actual image, nothing to show for. Her best advice was to find the best window of opportunity, select a good date to launch a game, market your game at the right time, not at night. Do not mess up the first launch because you only get to launch once. Also to simply talk, talk to everyone within your company, to see how things are progressing.  Use whatever information and do not give out to much.


The best kind of marketing is being mysterious.

This concludes my experience at the Nordic Game Conference.

See you all again next year!