Good day to you, oh readers! Today I have something very special to tell you! You see, I have had the honor of playing MEGATROID on my phone! Since I am not a developer, I haven’t played the game to hell and back, all I’ve seen is a press statement and a few screenshots. Marcus thought it to be good to have some fresh eyes on the game and give a review! So here we go!

My first impression was the music. Music and atmosphere is a big part  part of me being able to enjoy the game. It does so much for game play and if you mess this part of, well, your game will end up being very annoying and replay value will be lost. That said, I loved the music. I felt like a little girl playing Metroid again. The music is the classical upbeat cyberspace 8-bit wonder. I caught myself grooving with my neck a few times and pushing out a few *untz untz* out of my mouth. We are introduced to our protagonist Hali! All I can really say is that you’ll love her. I am going to do my best not to spoil anything for you. Just like Metroid has Samus, MEGATROID has Hali. Hali is more verbal then Samus ever was. I guess this is the wonders of progress. Everything you’ll need to know about Hali and her struggle against the Imperium is introduced in the tutorial.

Let’s fast forward and skip to the controls, equally as important.

Now this was a bit tricky, the forward and backward button are on the left side of the corner. The reverse button is placed a bit higher. I am not sure really why because when I glide, I end up missing it. So I figured that I might be holding my Android incorrectly, I didn’t, but after a while my thumb automatically got used to the placement of the button. The same goes with jump and shoot that are two buttons on the right hand side. Jumping and shooting is not easy mind you. I believe that it is a big misconception that females can do several things at the same time. I’ve seen guys do it and I just cant! When my husband picked it up he could combine the two just fine. Please note that I do not play to many cellphone games. I’d say after about 2-3 deaths, I finally got the hang of the controls and went ahead to slaughter the enemy! I am an impatient klutz that die easy so I’d say 5 minutes in I got the hang of the controls.

MEGATROID Prescreen 02

Enter S.P.A.K.K! Hali has a sidekick, a flying satellite looking thing with a cat personality to him. He is the comic relief and does so perfectly I might add. During dialogue you can tell that Hali is the ‘ol stick in the mud. She means business and tries to subdue S.P.A.K.K’s playful nature. He reminds me a bit of myself. I drive serious people nuts sometimes as well.

She does this with utmost care, so don’t worry, she isn’t an ass, just serious :)

After beating up the first boss, I managed to get my hands on something called a Warp Gate. It can take me to any enemy base around the galaxy, so I can go to other levels and beat up more bad guys, while posting my stats and endeavors on various social media.

I love the design, then again, space adventures were always my favorite kind of entertainment and I also like the fact that Hali doesn’t have those unrealistically long legs. Many game designers tend to give their female protagonists stilts, rather then regular sized legs.

Kudos on that gentlemen.

- Anna