Good day everyone! How are you all enjoying the summer?

It’s been quite a while since one of us developers made an appearance here on the blog but it’s with good reason. We have been working our asses off to finish MEGATROID. We’ve had all kinds of issues, both small and big, that have added up to quite a delay in production. More on that in a bit.

The game is finished. Right now we are simply awaiting approval by Apple. As soon as they say “OK” we are good to go for a worldwide release of MEGATROID, the game we’ve been working on for pretty much a full year now. It’s been quite a ride.

Since getting reviewed by Apple does take a little time, what with the queues that they must have, we have all decided to take a sort of “diffuse holiday”. So we’re chilling and getting some much needed rest until it’s launch time.

About the issues that have been plaguing us during this final run, a big one was when our iPad 1 decided to crash a lot, on very irregular patterns. It took quite a while to figure out that the problem had to do with memory handling. It seemed that we uploaded way too much into the memory of the iPad, so iOS shut the game down to free up that memory. It was really tricky to reduce that memory size, but it seems to have been lowered enough for the iPad 1 to handle it. Memory management is an important part of game development, and I recommend anyone who targets the iPad 1/3GS to be very careful with how much goes into the memory at one time.

MEGATROID was also rejected from its first upload to the AppStore, due to a misunderstanding in how you integrate an Offer Wall into the game. We’re very thankful it wasn’t anything about the actual game that was wrong, like some random crash bug. Still, it was a little sour to have it rejected. But, we fixed it up and it’s on its way again!

We’ll continue to improve the performance of the game as we carry on with Chapter 2 of MEGATROID, of course. We’ve got so many cool ideas in store for the next chapter, so it will be really exciting to continue this saga.

If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter, you know that we have been posting Developer Videos where we talk about MEGATROID and its features. The fourth and final one will be posted today. As a matter of fact, here it is:

Now, let us cross our fingers and hope for a swift review process from Apple! Have fun out in the summer heat/rains!

- Marcus