Hello, followers of Triolith Entertainment! While the development squad crunches to give you Chapter 2 of MEGATROID, I’ll let you in on some thoughts I have regarding a certain time in history when the mobile market was very different.

I have always had a soft spot for underdogs. Unlike many kids today, I didn’t get my first cellphone until I was 19.  Back then the only game you could play was either snake or Battleship. You know what I’m talking about: the age of Nokia phones!

You might feel depressed for my generation, but don’t be. I grew up in a very exciting time where everything that you know about gaming, was being created and developed. To play cellphone games with advanced graphics was a dream for the future and dreamers created basic 2 color games that paved the way for the functions and ideas used in many advanced games today.

Anyway, back to the story of my first cellphone. My generation’s favorite cellphone was the Nokia. I am sure you are familiar with the meme that you cannot break a Nokia. Well, you can’t.  I had the 3310 model that I inherited from my brother. I couldn’t believe the amazing concept of calling people when not at home! Nokia was a well-known competitor and a giant in the cellphone market. It makes one wonder. What happened?

One would theorize that the flip-phone from Motorola killed of Nokias simple design. Or that the Nokia phone was so well built, that it lasted to long so people didn’t have to buy the latest model. These are just theories. I found a blog post however that covers a bit more in detail on what happened. You can read about it here.

So Nokia became less and less of a threat to its competitors. When apple launched their first Iphone, I was one of the people who battled my way through to get one and get one I did. I have to say that I was impressed by it at first, like every piece of new technology, it eventually became outdated. It’s a natural process and I didn’t think much of it. For months I’ve been getting hammered by various marketing medias to get the latest Android mobile. So I caved in and switched to a HTC Evo 4g. The joy didn’t last too long, because the following year I was moving back to Sweden from America. The HTC Evo didn’t have a card slot for a phone card so I had to retire the Evo before its time. I am still able and still do use my android phone for gaming purposes. I just cannot make any phone calls from it. Having tried the android platform and iOS, I was ready to experience something else.

Fast forward a few years and I am now an owner of a Nokia Lumina. I know that plenty of people like to make fun of it, but I’ve gotten attached of the UI, the battery life is great, also it got run over by a car and the screen didn’t crack. It does live up to its famous internet MEME.



It covers my basic needs. Sadly, many developers are not as interested to develop games for its OS yet. So it’s lacking in the app department.

Now the title of Nokia’s in space is simply because the Nokia was selected to go up in space because of its long battery life.

So a phone that has a decent OS, great battery life and a sturdy design. Why is it doing so poorly? As you look at the graph below, it is amongst the lowest sales of all the bigger smartphones.


I cannot fathom why and I think it would be a great debate to have among all cellphone enthusiasts. What is it lacking? This is where Marcus made his glorious appearance and educated me. Putting on his smart hat and monocle, also being an awesome developer himself, he told me:

“There is hardly any support for game development on WP, so developers simply have an easier time working on Android/iOS instead. Also, there’s hardly any market on WP, so the revenue is virtually non-existent on WP compared to Android/iOS.

That’s not to say developers don’t want to make games for WP, it’s just that it isn’t worth their time. Not yet anyway.

Can I go now?”

I would really like to see game developers put more interest in Windows phones. Mainly because I want more games to play and that I believe that Nokia is a good enough product that it should be given the same royal treatment as its big smartphone cousins!

More choices is always a favorable progress for humanity and technology.

- Anna