MEGATROID Chapter Two released

Well-met fellow internet travelers!

It’s not very often that someone else except Marcus or Anna posts on the Triolith Entertainment blog but today I’m back and I’m here to talk about the future of MEGATROID.

Yesterday we released the second chapter of MEGATROID on Google Play and the App Store. If you haven’t got your hands on the update I can’t urge you enough to download and try it! We’ve made some major changes and added a lot of new content!

So when I mention “the future of MEGATROID” I guess your first thoughts go to chapter 3. Not entirely true. We’ve had problems in conveying the core of the game to the masses. We see a lot of early game drop-outs, but once you’ve come to understand the game you’re most likely to stick with us to the end (I’m looking at you 6332 people who have completed chapter 1). With this in mind we made the decision to improve the early stages of MEGATROID instead of going for a chapter three. We’re going to ease up the learning curve of the game and introduce mechanics and concepts over a longer period of time. Fear not, however, chapter three is not gone! Only postponed until we managed to make the first moments of MEGATROID even more awesome! 

MEGATROID Chapter Two Unicorn Armor

We’ve come to seeing that not many players actually understand how the generation works. You start by typing in stage names that you have a personal connection to; like your name, the name of your cat, the name of your favorite band etc. Once you’ve seen all this you start to exclusively use the random button. The only stages that have any kind of identity at the moment are the pre-boss stages. This has lead us to the following conclusion: “Generated stages are in themselves inherently fun, but have no real replay value or identity and are thusly a poor basis for a core mechanic”. This means we’re going to take away the spotlight from stage generation and have predefined stages as a focus. No worries, you’ll still be able to generate stages to your heart’s content but it will be introduced as an alternate mode with more options and some really crazy settings!

Even though you might be done with chapter 2 before the release of chapter 3 I can promise you that you will have stuff to do while waiting for further content!

- Malte